Friday, November 18, 2011

And There I Was Part 2

Here's the continuation of And There I Was :) Chapters 2 and 3

Chapter Two

I decided to finish cleaning up to get some thoughts out of my system, starting with the mess I created in the kitchen, up to the very inch of the C.R. As I was cleaning, I’m still thinking about how lucky I am to get this very nice place, and to think that a got it just for a very reasonable amount. Though I’m only renting it, I still have full privileges in the house, so I can do whatever I want.

There I was, bathing in my own sweat once more—for a whole different reason, nonetheless—and  just about to finish cleaning the whole place up. I must have gotten overwhelmed with what I was doing I didn’t realize that I am weary and needing some rest. Now I really wish Jake was here. It really is very tiring to clean this whole house all by myself. But I’m almost done, so I might as well get on with it.

My room was the last place to get fixed up. I laid down the bed once more for a few moments before I continue finishing things up. But before I knew it, and though not part of the plan, I was fast asleep.

“What the?!”

The clock reads 5 o’clock. I jumped right out of bed and down the stairs to get the stuff left down there. I still haven’t finished fixing everything up and I only have three hours before the recital. I was in a real pandemonium.

I picked up the last box containing some of my old belongings and carried it up to my room. I was in the rush of things that I did not notice the slippery floor mat at the doorstep of my room. I stumbled as I stepped on the mat and fell butt first down the floor. I watched as the box went way up in the air, and then slammed down the floor as well. Its contents scattered all over the room. I got really furious; I was red hot mad. Who would put a slippery rag at my doorstep? But who could I blame other than myself? It was my fault in the first place anyway. If I had not fallen asleep, I won’t be doing things in a hurry. Darn. I couldn’t find any other way to release my anger, so I punched the wall a few times until my fist hurts, and then began to pick up the mess I created.

There I was, looking around my room, checking if I might leave out anything from the scattered contents of that stupid box. I was still a bit angry, but not enough to start punching things again. I picked up the rag and just stared at it for a few seconds. I was thinking of throwing the stupid thing out of the window. And so I did. I watched as the wind blows the rag away towards the east. The wind was so strong that it blew the rag a couple of blocks away.

As I was throwing the rag out the window, something fell from under the rag. It was something from the box and might got stuck beneath the mat after it flew off. I picked it up to put it among the others. I glanced at it. It was my high school graduation picture.

There I was, looking intently at my high school picture. I didn’t know what got into me, but it feels very strange. Suddenly, moments of my life started to flash right in front of my very eyes. All of a sudden, I was reliving past moments, getting blown by my memoirs back to those days.


Chapter Three

It was raining heavily, and I forgot to bring my umbrella. Some of my classmates had already left for home, and some were still inside our classroom. Some were talking, cleaning, playing games, all waiting for the rain to come to a halt.

There I was, outside the classroom, looking up at the dark, gloomy sky. I have to do something. Impatient as I am, I couldn’t wait any longer. I decided to run towards the long path, under the pouring rain. I don’t mind if I get wet, I’m going home anyway. I could change clothes immediately when I’m home. I just hope I won’t get sick.

I was nearly at the end of the long, wet trail when the rain started to pour heavier. Lightning started to flash. Thunder rumbled loudly, like a lion giving out a huge roar. I got scared, not because I’m afraid of thunder or lightning. After the path was an open field about 50 meters long and 30 meters wide. I was worried. What if I get hit by lightning if I continue to run across the field? I’ m too young to die, too valuable to die.

I changed my mind and took shelter under the last classroom at the end of the path. I stood by the door, trying to wipe out the rain from my hair. I’m as wet as a French poodle soaked in a bath tub. I started to feel a little cold, and it emerges as the wind blows by. So I went inside the shady room. I took my shirt off and hung it beside the window. It’s a bit warm inside the room, so it’s alright even if I don’t have my clothes on.

There I was, inside the dark room, and it’s starting to get a little scary. So I looked for the light switch. I bumped my way across the room, and everything I hit drops down the floor. I felt like The Incredible Hulk, bringing to destruction everything that comes in his way. I was laughing to myself, and it took the tension out of my mind for quite some time. I finally got to the light switch and then abruptly turned it on.

A blinding flash lights the area. I couldn’t see for a few seconds, so I rubbed my eyes a few times, and opened them up to look around the room. I looked to the corner, and saw a silhouette of a girl, and when I looked closely, it was a girl. There she was, just staring at me, looking at me as if I was invisible, like she can see through me. She wasn’t even blinking at all. But I was just there. I remembered I have no shirt on.

She stood up. I stumbled to get my shirt, but she got there first before I could. She handed it to me, but still I can feel her stare digging deep in me, penetrating to my soul. I put my shirt on quickly, and then left her there. The rain got lighter, so I decided to run once more. But when I looked back, I saw her beside the door. I stopped, in the middle of the rain. I looked back once more, she wasn’t there anymore. I ran towards the room and went in. She wasn’t there either.

“What the?! Where is she?”

Was I just hallucinating? Or is she really there? I put my hand above my forehead and my neck to check if I was hot or something. But I’m not sick, well hopefully not yet. Now I’m really scared. What if she was one of those white ladies some kids in school talked about? But she really felt real, I can really feel her as she was looking at me. Still puzzled, I decided to go home. The rain finally stopped.

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